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Tit Tar Man is a Therapy Centre that specializes in the Chinese Art of Bone Setting. Through the combination of Chinese Medical Arts and Modern Medical Science, Tit Tar Man offers an innovative technique that combines its traditional roots with the use of tools such as X-Ray and other complementary biomedical theories in our treatment.

Tit Tar Man 是一所专业的骨骼调整与治疗中心。这里结合了中医传统医术和现代先进科技,为您提供创新和有效的治疗,当中包括了判读X光片以及其他人体医疗原理。

At Tit Tar Man, we diagnose and treat affected body are as using the art of hand treatment. By manipulating and realigning affected areas, we relieve bones, joints and muscle pain. Tit Tar Man also offers an effective methodto relieve fatigue and muscle soreness, and giving you a healthier lifestyle.

Tit Tar Man 都以手疗技术为患者诊断和治疗受影响/受伤的部位。受影响的身体部位得到治疗以及正骨之后,同时也解决了骨骼,关节以及肌肉疼痛问题。除此之外,我们也为您提供有效的舒缓疲劳和肌肉酸痛的疗法,让您享有健康活力的生活。


Back / Lower Back Soreness
Shoulder Pain
Full Body Alignment
Work Related Discomfort
Joint Dislocation
Sport Side Effects
Strain Sprain
Muscular Pain

Grand Master Derrick Siew

Master Derrick Siew, the founder of @Tit Tar Man has been awarded by the Malaysia TCM Golden Award with the highest recognition as a 卓越成就贡献奖 High Achievement Contributor Award, with being in great service to it's dedication and service towards the Art of Bone Setting and Traditional Medicine.

We at Tit Tar Man would like to thank all of our patients, family and friends on your trust and support towards our service. We will continue to strive further to bringing the art of Bone Setting wide across the country with our never-ending passion and to bring the art of 'Tit Tar' to the next stage!

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